" Pantai Indah Kapuk, dikenal dgn sebutan PIK, sebuah kawasan hunian eksklusif di utara Jakarta.Yang dulunya hanya kawasan hunian elit biasa saja seperti kawasan hunian dibelahan lain Jakarta.  Saat ini telah menjelma menjadi kawasa "
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Versailles Interior We turn your home into a functional piece of artwork. Providing the best curtains, wallpapers, carpets, sofas and all your other interior necessities

Versailles was derived from Paris, Le Château de Versailles (The Palace of Versailles), the most sumptuous castle in Europe and forever associated with the Sun King Louis XIV, and the last Queen of France, Marie Antoinette.

Our Company have been inspired by the richness and grandeur of this palace and therefore we have build this company under the name Versailles Interior® Established since 1999 and has several branches around Jakarta.

Our Clients varies from Banks, Hotels, Offices, Homes, Apartments and Shooting sets for Soaps and Advertisements, we always try to fulfill out clients demands by giving the very best without exceptions.

Our Products are mainly Imported from Turkey, Germany, Italy, Belgium, India, China and Korea, nevertheless we have few local upholstery fabrics as well.

We complete your necessities and supply all your Interior needs from Curtains, Carpets, Wallpapers, Sofas, Photo walls, Furniture, Wall paneling, Cushions, Art deco and many more. Henceforth we help you in designing any empty space, re-organizing your home or just a consultation.

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